These photos show how each new bear is




It can take many hours to create a bear from start


to finish.

Each bear is created from at least 21 separate pattern pieces. These are

traced out onto the fur fabric and then carefully cut out.



The arms, legs, body, head and ears are then sewn together by hand.



It takes 25 pins, washers and wooden discs to joint a bear.



The bears head is then stuffed and the ears attached before the cotter pin

joint is inserted.



The cotter pin joints are then inserted into the limbs before they are stuffed.



The limbs and head are then attached to the body & the joints formed, the

bear is then stuffed, steel shot added to his tummy for weight and the

seams securely sewn up.



Finally........ the face is created. The fur may be plucked away from the

bears muzzle before the nose is embroidered and the glass eyes inserted. 

Any ribbons, ruffles or embroidery are then added to accessorise your



And there we have your finished bear!



Now we have to decide on a name...........


This little bear became "Pumpkin" and has now been adopted.