There are many types of fabric available to make


a bear, mohair, alpaca, silk or top quality


"tissavel" faux fur can be used in the design of


a bear.

The choice of fur fabric changes the character of the bear and each bear

evolves as he is created.




Paw pads and inner ears can be made to contrast or blend with the bear,

I use suede like "alcantara" fabric, soft cashmere short pile fabrics or

sometimes I will use the mohair and pluck away the fur leaving just the

backing fabric. Paws can be embroidered to personalise the bear.

Glass eyes are available in a hugs variety of colours and sizes, the size of a

bears eyes affects his expression dramatically.



Nose shapes and colours also change the look of a bear, a nose can look

traditional in black or dark brown or more contemporary in a coloured

"pearle" thread.



The choice of ribbons and accessories for your bear are endless...............